2010- 2013 Miscellaneous photos Bangalore

My first P.E.T. Batch. Parents of my students. Had to teach this satisfactorily to certify. Mountain View, CA. 2009

2015 P.E.T. at Wellbeeing, Bangalore

Need Parenting help? Call a coachby Shobhita Dhar.

The Times of India November 13, 2013.

Parent Teach thyself by Varuna Verma

​The Telegraph, January 12th 2014

MEdia Mention


2016 P.E.T. at The Atelier Bangalore


MEDIA /Photographs

Training with Steve Emmons  G.T.I. master trainer. Amazing experience- forever grateful. Tampa Florida, 2008

 Our Journey in Pictures and in the Media

2014 P.E.T. at Wellbeeing, Bangalore

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