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P.E.T.  Guwahati, 2015

  • ​it is not just parenting that I have improved but it also helped in self-development. It is a complete package to understand our need, child's needs and tools to handle issues happily without any stress to both parties. 

​K. Raghuram, Bangalore 2015

  • Absolute winner, great content amazingly/surprisingly simple way of presentation. I feel this is an extremely practical course and feel EQUIPPED to handle parenting. I have done many courses on topics like marriage, counselling etc but not have been as practically usable as this. This has not only changed my relationship with my son, but with my spouse and colleagues also. Glad I took it. Warm ways of Instructor helped in  progressive  classes.

Srinivas Moorthy, Bangalore 2015

  • ​Such Simple tools, active listening, I- messages that I find I can use in all relationships. I found I- messages the easiest to you. Active Listening is just that -active- needs one to consciously and with patience practice it. I've started using it to de-flood my son. Helps my son feel understood and I see him understanding me when I share genuine I messages. The workbook is well designed and practical. Enjoyed reading the book. I am glad to have attended this. Sonal is a very passionate trainer and inspires genuine in my interactions as a parent. ​. Sonal's examples are beautiful. Her erudition comes through in her explanations. 

N. Rao, Bangalore 2015

  • I am happy and glad to take up the course. I am more aware of solving issues by myself and with my kids. The course really helped me to understand myself which I was struggling with; esp my feelings. Now i am on the way to achieve the desired changes in a healthy way. Sonal is a wonderful person, she has been so patient and understanding. 

P. Udupa, Bangalore 2014

  • The course is well designed/effective. It seems to have sealed the skills for me. The book seems definitely incomplete without the workbook and workshop.  My perspective has ben set right in many aspects of the interactions I have with my child. My child is seemingly more comfortable and feeling less cornered. Sonal is completely in control and in charge of what she  is delivering. Very open to new thoughts and ideas also. 

S. Relan, Bangalore 2014

  • I feel that this course helps you to understand and analyst an issue/problem in a scientific manner. It is liberating at times when you understand that you do not own a problem. Also it helps to come to  terms with values conflicts as it expands the area of acceptance. I definitely stopped spanking my kids and now I have tools and techniques to avoid it completely. These tools help me to handle the situation in a different way.

S. Chitre, Bangalore 2014

  • It was a wonderful experience and I always look forward to the classes. I found the course very insightful and ealing. IT helped me demystify some core issues/areas of conflict within my family. I feel calmer, more understood and more understanding (of the other)

S. Anand, Bangalore 2014

  • The course has helped me to view my children as independent individuals and made me respect them more. It has changed my perception on parenting. I am more open to my kids needs and accept them if it doesn't cost me. I let them make their own decisions.  Sonal is very passionate about P.E.T. and ready to help you after class. 

M. Saleel, Bangalore 2013

  • I felt so good and confident after doing the course. Practicing the skills helped me to become close to my child and make relatively strong and good boundaries. My daughter   has learnt to control her anger and to stand up for herself. It has changed my attitude and made my daughter stronger and now I have a good relationship with her.

​K. Adil, Bangalore 2013

  • I feel the course has improved my communication in the family. I have more clarity on how to get my own needs met. It has increased my awareness of the patterns we follow in the family and how I an break those, so that there are less conflicts. I messages are such a great help to put feelings across without accusing. My daughter picks less fights with me and seems a lot more centred/happy. Sonal is knowledgeable and she comes up with valuable comments/suggestions.

L. Wouters, Bangalore 2011

  • I am glad that I took it (P.E.T.) because it worked as an eye opener over a lot of my beliefs and my own self. I used all of them (Skills) in different situations. They all work beautifully. What I really like about my instructor is that she is totally immersed in the concept and has total faith in its working.

A. Gautam, Bangalore 2011

  • P.E.T. is a practical approach to dealing with everyday situations in an effective, positive manner. Issues that "loomed large" a few months ago are manageable or dissipated.  I have learned to close my mouth and open my ears and heart to what my children want to communicate. So happy to have the opportunity to take course in India. The course book of all the material to cover could easily expand into 10 sessions. I really appreciated Sonal's honesty, sensitivity and earnestness in conducting the course. She was both professional and personal.

J. Hinduja, Bangalore 2010

  • I really feel much more aware of myself, how I parent and what I like and don't like about how I parent. My son really loves to have his opinions listened to/acknowledged and to have a hand in coming to solutions to our problems. I notice my child wanting to work things out more lately; rather than rage over our dispute. I believe the course is useful tool to teach parents how to more effectively communicate with their children and to evaluate the problems between parent and child.  Sonal knows the material, has an approachable manner, and cares that the lessons are "getting across".

​  J.L. Morwood, Bangalore 2010

  • My relationship with my children has taken a new way, and I am very happy about it. I like Sonal, she is very good in involving people. I always felt that she was really listening.

A. Amigassi, Mountain View CA, 2009

  • Much of what this class espouses is common sense- but it really takes going through a class like this to make common sense obvious. I think the skills outlined are terrific and I am excited to continue working at incorporation them into my life. I also think that it is a lot to digest and a large swing from how many of us were taught. My husband catches himself often now the he's throwing up a roadblock. Children are responding very well to active listening. Sonal's personal anecdotes were both helpful and bonding. ​​

A. Hammer, Mountain View, CA 2009

  • I thought the 3-hour classes would drag, but they flew by. I had read the book prior to the course but it helped so much more to take the class. It really brought the material to life and the practice was invaluable. We had great success with method 3 (problem solving) which surprised me since our daughter is only 3. She is much more willing to modify her behaviour when she has a part in coming up with a solution. I listen more effectively both to the kids and to other people. I also practice more acceptance of the kids by standing back and letting them do their own thing instead of interfering.  My daughter has responded wonderfully. Active listening calms her down. She is all to use I- messages and method 3 has helped solve some thorny problems. Sonal has a passion or the material, which she clearly communicated to us. She is also a wonderful active listener, very empathetic! she was engaged in the group activities and was encouraging about overcoming pitfalls. 

M. Kirmse, Mountain View CA 2009

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